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Eurasia is a large logistics company integrating transportation, storage, distribution, freight forwarding and information consulting. Company has large warehouse in border on logistics park of 20000 square meters, have the goods storage, packaging, loading and other functions within the station, at the same time, the border on logistics park park with modern information management system, has the technical means such as monitoring, warehouses, vehicles in and out of the park, and logistics companies with real-time monitoring and management, enterprise can rest assured the goods entrusted to us. In addition, the company in linyi port logistics park has 10,000 square meters of receiving area, can load 40 feet container cargo 200 tons per day, can provide products for trade enterprises, production enterprises.


4003-4006, 40 / F, China Resources Building, 163 Yimeng Road, Lanshan District, Linyi City, Shandong Province



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