Domestic Rail Freight

Mainly steel (steel pipe, steel plate, cast iron pipe, round steel), wood (log, square wood), coal, ore, construction materials, machinery and equipment.
Since 2016, the company has applied for the downward floating policy of iron and steel, which has been strongly supported by the vehicle service section, making the steel shipping volume increase year by year. At present, the company's single steel annual shipping volume reaches more than 200,000 tons, which is the core customer signed by the Linyi Vehicle Service Section.

Including plate, plastic products, metal products, daily sundries, general chemicals and food, etc.

Our company has signed a long-term transportation cooperation agreement with each production enterprise. At the same time, each production enterprise can store the products in our company's warehouse, and then pack them and load them inside the station.

Mainly for plate, stone, plastic products, metal products, daily sundries, general chemicals and food.

Our company has special container trailer, can do door to station, door to door service for customers, at the same time for customers to solve the cargo packing, reinforcement and other services.

Including vegetables, dairy products, meat, frozen poultry and other living materials.

At present, a large amount of meat, livestock, poultry, vegetables and other fresh food materials from Shandong province are transported to Chengdu, Chongqing, Kunming and other places by railway cold chain.

Below are pictures of some of the goods carried


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